“Working towards alleviation of Rural Poverty”

Our Strategic Areas

Sustainable food security and nutrition status in communities improved.

a) Increasing crop and livestock production.
b) Strengthening post harvest practices
c) Improving food budgeting at household level
d) Improving nutrition status at household level
e) Promoting appropriate farming technologies

Entrepreneurship and market accessibility enhanced

a) Strengthening Producers’ marketing groups and associations.
b) Promoting business development skills.
c) Promoting access to markets information by producers.
d) Enhancing Producers’ and traders’ linkage.
e) Enhancing access to Financial Services

Enhanced community empowerment in dealing with children, gender, HIV/AIDS, and Good Governance

a) Promoting rights and security of children.
b) Promoting gender equality and equity.
c) Enhancing HIV / AIDS prevention and Impact mitigation including O/MVC support.
d) Enhancing Good governance.

A healthy and friendly environment in communities promoted.

a) Enhancing hygiene, sanitation and safe and clean water in the community.
b) Enhancing Climate Change and variability management

Governance and management capacity of ADP Mbozi strengthened in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

a) Enhancing financial capacity of ADP Mbozi.
b) Improving policies, systems and procedures.
c) Improving human resource.
d) Improving storage and retrieval of information.
e) Enhancing networking and collaboration.
f) Enhancing publicity of ADP Mbozi

Historical Background

In 1985 there occurred a serious famine in many parts of Southern Tanzania including Mbozi district as a result of which the Mbozi District Council contracted a consultant to find out what was the cause and how best to deal with the same.  The survey findings highlighted low utilization of agricultural technology, inadequate extension staff and inadequate supply of agricultural inputs as the main causes.

Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Sharing out
  • Transparency
  • Trustworthy

About ADP Mbozi

Actions for Development Programmes – Mbozi (ADP-Mbozi) is a registered national NGO with its headquarters based in Vwawa, Songwe region. The organization was officially registered on 10th October 2005 under Non Governmental Organization’s  (NGO) Act number 24 of 2002, section 11(3) Act.


Siku ya wanawake Duniani – 2022

Mgeni rasmi Ndg. Mfilinge Abdulkadir aliyemwakilisha Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wilaya ya Songwe akitoa hotuba siku ya Wanawake duniani iliyofanyika kijiji cha Ilasilo kata ya Galula wilayani Songwe.

Food Security Project

Siku ya wanawake Duniani – 2022

Shirika la Kuwezesha Maendeleo – Mbozi(ADP-Mbozi) limeadhimisha Siku ya Wanawake duniani 2022 tarehe 10.3.2022 katika kijiji cha Ilasilo, Kata ya Galula, tarafa ya Songwe wilaya ya Songwe. Kauli mbiu INASEMA”KIZAZI CHA HAKI NA USAWA KWA MAENDELEO ENDELEVU”