Project Aim Pamoja Tuwalee project in Mbozi district (May 2013 – September 2015) The project aims to contribute towards the improvement of most vulnerable children and their household through increased community ownership and capacity to implement the National Costed Plan of Action for Most Vulnerable Children (NCPA2), enabling most vulnerable children to access comprehensive care, protection, and support within their communities by September 2015 Place of Implementation The project is implemented in 8 wards namely Halungu, Mlowo, Nambinzo, Myovizi, Ruanda, Igamba, Bara and Ipunga wards in Mbozi district. Activities Implemented.
  • MVCC and local government engagement in Pamoja Tuwalee project.
  • Train MVCC, empowerment workers, Program staff and distrist officials, on services provision, use of M&E tools and other related skills concerning MVC’s development.
  • Organize and conduct MVCC and Empowerment workers meetings.
  • Support program staff to attend a Regional Jukwaa meeting as well as organize IPG meeting at the district level.
  • Follow-up and assessment of early child development (ECD).
  • Mobilize community to support the Most Vulnerable Children and their families.
  • Support children to establish and form children clubs as well as attend African child and 16 days of GBV.
  • Mobilize care givers to join and form worth groups and train them on group management and group operation
  • Improve organization capacities by addressing gaps identified.
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