Main Objective
  • Pamoja Tuwalee project in Wanging’ombe district (June 2011 – September 2015) The project aims at improving the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children and their families through service provisions by September 2015.
Place of Implementation
  • The project   covers 62 villages in ten (10) wards namely Wanging’ombe, Luduga, Ilembula, Uhambule, Kijombe, Imalinyi, Igima, Mdandu, Kidugala and Usuka out of 17 wards in Wanging’ombe district Njombe region.
Activities implemented
  • Train volunteers and Most Vulnerable Children committees on their roles and responsibilities in supporting MVCand their households.
  • Conduct meetings with local government leaders on developing strategies that will enable them to support MVCs and their households.
  • Mobilize caregivers to join and form SILC groups.
  • Train SILC groups on group management and business development skills.
  • Train volunteers and local government leaders on NACS as well as use of MUAC tapes.
  • Train caregivers on establishment of garderning and fruit trees.
  • Create awareness on child protection& GBV/VAC
  • Conduct reflection meeting with volunteers
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation
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