The following are the programs that ADP Mbozi implement in order to meet its strategies and objectives and are tabulated below; –

Name of project
Where implemented
Strategic Objective 1: Sustainable food security and nutrition status in communities improved.
Songwe and Momba Integrated Food Security Project (CMIFSP)
Improved food security at household level in 11 wards of Songwe and Momba districts, Tanzania by December 2018.
14 villages (7 wards) in Songwe district and 20 villages (4 wards) in Momba district
2 – 5
Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program in
–          Momba district
–          Mbozi district
–          Songwe district
–          Chunya district
To improve the nutritional status of children, pregnant and lactating women in Momba district in order to decrease maternal anemia and child stunting by 20% in targeted district.
Momba, Mbozi, Songwe and Chunya district.
Feed the Future through Africare Tanzania.
Strategic Objective 2: Entrepreneurship and Market accessibility enhanced.
Promoting Market Led Approach to Improve Profitability of Maize, Beans and Rice Value Chains in Sumbawanga Cluster.
The goal is to improve the livelihoods of 45,000 medium and smallholder women and men farmers in Katavi region while reducing shocks and stress through adaptive capacities and market led agricultural production
Mpanda, Mpimbwe, Msimbo and Mlele districts in Katavi region.
Establishment of Southern Highland VC Actors of Round Potato Consortium
Increased profitability of round potato and potato products through improved business linkage between Value Chain Actors in Mbozi, Ileje, Mbeya city and Tunduma township by October, 2019.
Mbozi, Ileje, Mbeya city and Tunduma township.
 Kilimo Trust.
Strategic objective 4: Enhanced community empowerment in dealing with children, gender, HIV/AIDS, and Good Governance
Comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services to KP and PP in Chunya and Songwe district.
To increase comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services to KP and PP in Chunya and Songwe districts so as to reduce the incidence of new HIV transmission as well as increase and retain client in ART services  by September 2018.
Chunya and Songwe and Chunya districts.
Walter Reed Mbeya.
Tuwekeze Pamoja
Girls and boys in Songwe, including the most marginalised, have met their developmental milestones and are ready to learn by age 6.
8 wards of Ruanda, Itumpi, Shiwinga, Ipunga, Nyimbili, Wassa, Isandula, Nanyala in Mbozi District Songwe Region.
Save the Children – Tanzania.
11 – 14.
Kizazi Kipya; USAID New Generation Program
Improve Health and Social wellbeing people and their families through strategic service delivery and support by September 2018.
Mbozi, Momba, Tunduma and Wanging’ombe districts.
Pact Tanzania.
Strategic Objective 5: Governance and management capacity of ADP Mbozi strengthened in order to operate efficiently and effectively.
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