Twaweza in collaboration with COSTECH and other partners are implement Randomized Control Trial (RCT) experiments in Education, starting in 2013, aimed at improving early grade learning in Tanzania. The experiments, to be carried in a sample of 11 Districts countrywide (including Mbozi district), will involve:
  1. a)Sending a capitation grant for quality inputs directly to primary schools as per current government policy, and
  2. b)Incentive payment to early grade (Standard I—III) teachers for performance and a bonus for the school for every child who is able to read and count at his/her appropriate class level.
While implementing these interventions, Twaweza and partners are making a conscious attempt to understand and quantify their impact on student performance. This is achieved through student tests and monitoring of pupils learning capabilities. Twaweza engaged resident District Partners as collaborators who is, together with Twaweza, implementing the KiuFunza Education RCT experiments in the selected districts. The District Partners are organizations (usually Civil Society Organizations) that operate in and have recognized presence in the intervention districts. Therefore in mbozi and Momba district Twaweza is partnering with ADP Mbozi in these interventions.
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