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Exclusive Breastfeeding Improved my child’s health.

The home visit was done at Ipanzya village to one of the household of Maria Sinkonde a 36 years old Parent to see different skills obtained after attending the sessions, her child’s name was Byan Mwakipesile a 7 Months old child, according to Maria’s explanation she said that “previously before Tuwekeze Pamoja project I had two children whereby I breastfed them exclusive only for 3 months and started complementary fed them, and I faced many challenges during the whole period of child caring as they got illness frequently and even their health was not good, after attended Tuwekeze Pamoja project trainings I found that it is very important to breastfed a child exclusively for the first six months for her/his health, milestone and immune system development, and today you can see how Byan health and milestone is good compared to my two previously children. This was taken from Tuwekeze Pamoja Project funded by Comic relief through Save the Children Tanzania.