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Community Support to OVC

Community support to OVC: USAID Kizazi Kipya project uses referral and linkage of OVCs and their families to groups that exist in the area to ensure they access services according to their needs. Zyatwaga group from Ibembwa village in Msia ward is among of the group which every time support those families with needs. This group in the first month of the year develop plan to ensure they allocate resources for Children. Seen in picture are the two OVCs in Ibembwa village receiving support (soap, cartoon of salt, clothes and maize as well as beans) for their requirement. Through this group ADP-Mbozi has continued to use the initiative of this group as model for different people to ensure they support OVC.
Therefore the project is using different opportunities that exist in the field and appreciate the efforts that are done by caregivers groups through Worth Yetu model in supporting the needy ones. Moreover caregivers in the villages are encouraged to establish OVCs fund which reduces burden to caregivers in supporting their children. This project is funded by @usaid through Pact Tanzania