The following are the major achievements in implementing the previous strategic plan (2014 – 2016) of ADP Mbozi; –

  1. The constitution of ADP Mbozi was reviewed to suit the present legal requirement (NGOs Registrar). The organization now has a membership status.
  2. Improved policies and systems of human and financial resources.
  3. Completion of annual progress reports prepared in an attractive version as a strategy to market the organization.
  4. Increased number of projects due to efforts regarding resource mobilization through proposal writing. The projects have increased from 9 in 2013 to 14 in 2016. The new development partners include Save the Children International Tanzania, Walter Reed, Population Service International (PSI) Tanzania, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Market Infrastructure and Value Addition, Rural Finance (MIVARF), Tanzania Communication and Development Centre (TCDC), Agriculture Development Denmark and Asia (ADDA) and HORIZONT 3000.
  5. Expansion of services on food security from Momba to Songwe district, starting in July 2016.
  6. Expansion of working areas – Chunya, Ileje and Songwe in Songwe region and Mbeya, Rungwe and Kyela in Mbeya region.
  7. Increased number of employees from 21 to 35 while maintaining gender balance (17 females and 18 males).
  8. Stakeholders now trust the organization – rewarded a vehicle with registration number DFP8710 by USAID.
  9. Strategies for publicity of the organization are in place i.e. calendar, leaflets, website and visiting stakeholders. These strategies have helped the organization to be known by different stakeholders and thus draw their attention for collaboration.
  10. The organization received many visitors for the purpose of learning, inaugurating projects, capacity building of staff and establishing ways of collaboration. They included visitors from Pact Nigeria, Tchibo, USAIDNAFAKA, Match Maker, Water Aid Tanzania, AGRA, ADDA Tanzania, Save the Children Dar, Twaweza, ACT, Ministry of Agriculture and Mbeya region