Tuwekeze Pamoja Project

Strategic objective 4: Enhanced community empowerment in dealing with children, gender, HIV/AIDS, and Good Governance.

Tuwekeze Pamoja project is a five-year project funded by Comic Relief through Save the Children Tanzania. The project focuses on investing to early childhood care and development and pre-primary education as a key strategy for the realization of children rights and poverty reduction, in ensuring that girls and boys achieve their full potential and strong foundations in their early years. the project is implemented in eight wards of Mbozi district of Songwe region, in two phases. (Shiwinga, Itumpi, Nanyala, Ruanda, Ipunga, Wasa, Nyimbili and Isandula) where by ADP Mbozi implement the core package.

Objective of the project

  • Girls and boys in Songwe, including the most marginalized, have met their developmental milestones and are ready to learn by age 6.

Place of Implementation

  • Eight (8) wards of Mbozi district; Ruanda, Itumpi, Shiwinga, Ipunga, Nyimbili, Wassa, Isandula and Nanyala ward in Mbozi District Songwe Region.

Project Funder

  • Comic relief through Save the Children – Tanzania.